Kim Is Growing Her Business, Fast.

How Did She Do It? 

With our Agent Accelerator Program we take a focused approach to building the areas of our agent business that we know can 10x their business.  We focus on Structure, Brand Building, Appointment Setting and On-Going Support.


Don't let the word scare you. Structure really means amplifying your growth efficiency. From database management, calendar scheduling, direct response marketing, we take the heavy lifting off of your plate and show you what your business can look like when you treat it like one.  

Organizing & Engaging

First, we helped her clean up her existing database(she had over 1,500 contacts) and load them properly into a CRM, segmented and set up on property alerts for cold/old leads.  She instantly was able to see a revival of contacts and is able to cherry pick conversations with Zillow leads, and open house contacts she lost touch with.  

Announcing & Re-connecting

Next, we announced her arrival across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and through an email blast to all of her contacts. The response was tremendous and Kim began re-establishing relationships from these efforts.  

Direct Response

A few days later, we sent a Direct Response email Blast to her database that resulted in a listing that is now active on the market!

Personal Branding

We believe in the power of brand here at NEST, so naturally we wanted to get Kim on video to allow her to showcase her personality, her why and to show off some of her listings!

Branding Video

We scheduled a branding video to showcase who she is, why she loves real estate and why she decided to come to NEST.

20 Questions

We scheduled a 20 Questions video so that she could showcase more of her personality to her audience while in her farm area.

Listing Video

We scheduled a listing video, so that she could enhance the narrative on one of her new properties and continue to establish herself as the premier listing agent in Rockport.

Kim had never done video as a part of her business.  I would say she had untapped potential!

All of these videos were distributed across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and again, her database in an effort to create a stronger brand awareness that Kim is the go to agent on Cape Ann.

Appointment Setting

In addition to harnessing your sphere and network, we know that a team should provide more opportunities to help their agents maximize their earnings.  That's where most teams we see get it wrong.  While they promise leads, we believe that doesn't help our agents' bottom line. While we do generate leads through trusted channels like Zillow, Google, Facebook and other sources, we don't route them to our agents to get lost in the shuffle.  At NEST, we have hired a professional Inside Sales Agent(ISA) whose primary focus is to call, qualify and set appointments with prospects who have a real estate need(buy or sell) within the next 6 months.  

The point here is, we handoff at full speed.  

You don't have to completely stop your momentum to call that new lead that might be a window shopper.  

Ongoing Support

Real estate can be a lonely industry.  If you're not connecting with your team, or going into the office or attending team outings, you may feel like you are a lone wolf out there.  We get it. 

At NEST, you are not alone. While we don't have strict office policies, we do encourage being in person. We hold weekly pipeline review meetings with each agent. We hold marketing discussions for both agent branding, and listings. We have team lunches. We celebrate birthdays together.  We have fun.  

If you feel like you're missing this, you are.

Who Do You Know?

The point is, we work tirelessly for our agents to keep their pipeline full, brand awareness strong, and income steady. 

If you know someone who would benefit from our Agent Accelerator Program, do them a favor and send this to them.

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