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About Nest | Zaiger

Nest is a boutique real estate firm that utilizes a highly-skilled team of sales people, marketing experts, designers, and real estate professionals that work as a team to bring a higher level of service to our clients. We have been growing in lightning speed with 300% growth year-over-year. The reason has been clear: today, people need a higher level of service in every way. Nest delivers and we are currently looking to grow our team.

Our Locations

Nest is located in lovely Manchester-by-the-Sea in Boston's North Shore and opening a new office at 278 Cabot Street in Beverly, Massachusetts. Both of these markets serve North Shore and Cape Ann.

Our Culture

Culture is key to Nest. While we like to work hard and play hard, work is still a huge part of our lives and we want to like the people we work with, have fun, learn a ton, and celebrate our victories together. For that reason we look first to see if you fit our company culture and then where you fit best in our team structure. 

Our culture is based around being humble, down-to-earth, success-driven, encouraging, and optimistic. Real estate can be stressful. Our office should be your anchor and a place to go to have a laugh and dream up new ideas. If this interests you please browse our available positions and send our leader, Syndi Zaiger, a video text at (508-843-0300) or email.

What Position is Right For You? 


Nest | Zaiger & Co at COMPASS is a growing by leaps and bounds. We have a giant database full of leads and hungry sales agents. We are looking for that conduit... a smart, savvy, friendly professional that is a great conversationalist and is passionate about helping people. We believe in having fun, helping our customers and going above and beyond to make their real estate experience excellent. We are constantly pushing the limits of real estate marketing and services. We never stop growing, thinking, innovating, and creating. We have a strong brand that is based on luxury: a clean modern look and feel that is strong yet friendly. 

The ISA is at the front of this communication and an important aspect to our team. Our agents are busy providing on the ground concierge and help and do not have the time to follow up with leads. We need you.


Ultimately the job of the ISA revolves around making conversations, building relationships, and creating appointments. There is an art to doing this and we provide the guidance to get you on your way. The day-to-day involves cultivating leads/inquiries by calling prospects who have sent inquiries into our website. In many ways the ISA is a technician, diving into the database and utilizing technology to prequalify. 

The ISA thrives on seeing how Nest can help potential clients. That is what people need after all is help and support. Our team is there - ready and waiting. What we need you to do is to become their friend; digging deep in a conversation to find out how we can best serve and set appointments for our agents so that they can take it to the next step.

The ISA  maintains the Nest database by monitoring and examining the response rate of marketing campaigns and follow up plans. You will make revisions as necessary to maintain effectiveness. At times you may circle dial around particular marketing initiatives. The ISA may pre-qualify prospects and introduce them to our preferred lender but always confidently perform a phone consultation in the absence of the Buyers Agent.


First and foremost if you are on the Nest team you must be smart, driven,  down-to-earth, and like to laugh. You must be an excellent conversationalist, quick thinking, and like to dive into a task with focus and determination. You have to like talking to people and have an innate desire to make someone's life better.  It is important that the you know intimately the North Shore and Cape Ann and have a high level of familiarity of the local real estate market, neighborhoods, zip codes, market inventory, and pocket listings. You must have the ability to hear "no" and keep going. You will have an interest in monitoring market trends and have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the buying process.  


Nest strives to deliver the highest level of service and reliability to our clients with everything from marketing to creative to hands-on help with their buying and selling process. This means that a Listing and Buying Agent must be free to give the ultimate level of attention to each client every step of the way. Your role is to support the agent and help facilitate a 5 star experience for both our clients and our agents. You will be responsible for interacting with clients, lenders, and attorneys and buying agents on a daily basis. As Listing Coordinator you will help coordinate all of the pre-listing activities while working with the stager, photographer and marketing coordinator to make sure that we are presenting every home in the best light. You will be an integral part of our team; offering ideas to keep our unique selling proposition as the best in the market place. Your job will include tasks such as keeping track of all paperwork, scheduling and attending smoke inspections, appraisals, ordering signage, asking for testimonials, making sure that marketing requests have been submitted, and many other tasks that help support the client and agent every step of the way.

The Listing Coordinator / Transaction Manager is a position that will get broken into two as we grow. The Transaction Management side will assist Buyer’s Agents with the paperwork to keep the deal on track. This will have many of the same roles as the LC but on a smaller scale. An average day will have you spending just as much time in the field as you spend in the office. Additionally, you will be responsible for managing the paperwork that is needed to complete a transaction and ensuring that all dates and contingencies are met throughout the process. At times the LC / TM may need to drop everything to attend to a pressing matter but need to keep organized of multiple deal's dates and transactions.


Nest is all about having an awesome culture so to be part of our team you must be highly-professional, smart, driven, down-to-earth, and passionate about learning all there is to know about your position in the industry. You must be a team player, who is working with an amazing group to create the ultimate experience for our clients. For the Listing Manager / Transaction Coordinator position you must thrive on creating order and being helpful while putting out fires. You must have an ability to multi-task, attend to small details, and be able to read the fine print. It is imperative that you do not miss a detail and are thinking steps ahead. An active MA real estate salesperson license is needed and a basic understanding of the process from the List and Buy side. A presence in the office is required M·F, but many of the tasks may be completed from an alternate location as needed with occasional weekend hours. Must have strong written and verbal communication skills and a high level of professionalism. All in all you must be 100% reliable, kind, customer-service driven, and organized.

Are you a fit for this position? Email us your résumé, portfolio, and cover letter or video.


Nest | Zaiger & Co is a highly talented team of agents that is powered by Compass. Working out of offices in Beverly and Manchester-by-the-Sea, we are a creative agency who's primary goal is to provide our clients an excellent level of service and reliability from start to finish. We have a great team culture and work hard but also manage to have fun and lots of laughs.

Currently we are in search of a talented Buyer's Agent that is looking to work hard and be tremendously successful. 


We currently have a steady flow of leads coming in and need savvy sales agents to convert them into appointments and ultimately help them buy a new home and create a new life. We have a strong team structure that provide you training, coaching, transaction management, marketing support, state-of-the-art technology and administrative support. You need the drive and fire in your belly - we provide the rest.

You must be extremely motivated self-starter who enjoys helping people find the house of their dreams. The buyer agent is responsible for providing excellent service and support to several buyer clients at a time. So if you are hungry for success, great at building relationships, prioritizing tasks, and managing your time well, this position is perfect for you. This is a full time commission-based position.


  • Respond to new leads in a timely manner, and maintain consistent follow up to convert into appointments.
  • Manage all leads in your database, set appointments,  set and complete tasks in the system, and track all client communications.
  • Continually add your own sphere of influence and geographic farm to database and communicate to them regularly.
  • Identify homes that meet prospective buyers’ home search criteria, schedule showings, and help the refine their criteria.
  • Stay up to date with the real estate market and educate clients about market trends and the home buying process.
  • Have local knowledge of the community to answer questions about potential homes and the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Write and submit offers on behalf of clients, effectively negotiate offers and oversee the entire process to close.
  • Don't quit until you see success."
  • Celebrate those wins with your team!


You are a down-to-earth, driven, ambitious professional who has a burning desire to succeed in every facet of your life. You could have a proven working experience as a real estate agent, or you could simply have a willingness to learn. Rest assured we have an excellent training and coaching program.  You have the ability to work independently but also in a team structure. You must be friendly, authentic, and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Most importantly you have a  strong sales mentality and negotiating intelligence. You must be a healthy mix of book smart and street smart and love, love, love to help people.

Are you a fit for this position? Email us your portfolio, and cover letter or video.


Are you looking to offer your clients a higher level of sales, marketing, design, and service offerings?  Nest is opening its doors to hire a skilled and experienced real estate agent who will work independently on the Nest Team at Compass. We pride ourselves on having an amazing team of talent from agents to designers to marketing and only hire agents who add a valuable touch to our team. We would love to hear from you if you work hard every day to provide excellent service and reliability to your clients. Let us support you with the rest.

Nest Zaiger & Co is the first North Shore team at COMPASS with offices in Beverly and Manchester-by-the-Sea. This is a huge opportunity to take advantage of Compass's technology, gorgeous marketing, coaching, and non-stop inspirational conferences and classes. The technology you will receive can not be replicated by any other brokerages in the area.

Beyond Compass, Nest assists you with the day-to-day by giving you administrative support, help in your marketing efforts, and will help coach you in growing your business.

Are you a fit for Nest? Email us your résumé and cover letter.

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